How pop culture (and videogames) made the Glock our national weapon.

NPR has a fascinated feature on the popularity of the Glock pistol. Invented by curtain-rod manufacturer Gaston Glock, the gun was lauded for its light weight and accuracy, but it wasn’t until the Glock entered the parlance of Hollywood that its popularity skyrocketed. Paul Barrett, author of Glock: The Rise of America’s Gun, explains:

Another strategy, says Barrett, was to get the Glock screen time in Hollywood. In 1990, the Glock began to appear in the hands of police officers in Law and Order and other police procedural shows. It was also used by Bruce Willis in the movie Die Hard 2. Willis’ character gave a long soliloquy touting the advantages of using a Glock.

“[He] introduced the gun as a character to people who don’t know anything about guns,” says Barrett.

Barrett cites rap of the 90s as contributing, but we’d like to point to another champion: videogames.

– Jamin Warren