Cheat Sheet 1/27: Steam has a mobile app, Nintendo is launching a new online service, and a Mass Effect 3 multiplayer trailer

Get excited! It’s time for more mainstream gaming news!

– Steam has a mobile app on both iOS and Android. Get rid of your phone or your credit card if you want to keep eating.

– Nintendo is taking another stab at this “online gaming” thing the kids are talking about with Nintendo Network. President Satoru Iwata outlined some of the program’s goals and features here.

– Nintendo also has plans for a new 2D Mario game on the 3DS.

– The Wii U’s controller had even more functionality announced.

– [Update] The Resistance franchise is not finished. A few reviewers jumped to conclusions about yesterday’s news, but Insomniac Games’ CEO Ted Price wants to clarify.

– BioWare released a slick multiplayer trailer for Mass Effect 3.

Soul Calibur V and Final Fantasy XIII-2 have upcoming DLC packs. 

– The new Twisted Metal game is getting a multiplayer demo next week.

And that’s it for today. Check back in on Monday for another wrap up of the weekend’s gaming news!

– Adnan Agha