I don’t want my MTV, or CDs, or newspapers, or…

First, it was the music industry. Then, newspapers. Now the television business is feeling the pinch as younger generations are turning to the internet to watch TV shows and movies, hanging subscription services out to dry. According to the chairman of Dish Network:

Young people who move to an apartment or get a house for the first time don’t subscribe… [T]hey just… get their network programming from Hulu and they get Netflix… As an industry where people pay between $70 and $92 a month, that’s a lot of money to a young person today who is getting their first job when they can go out and watch Hulu for free and Netflix for $7.99. So it’s a threat.

The next question is how will the trend affect videogames, as more players turn to the internet for 99 cent cell phone games, free-to-play games, and high quality, independently developed games? Will the 60 dollar price tag of new retail games come down? Will the quality decrease with it? 

-Jason Johnson