If a book is like an armadillo, then can games be robot armadillos?

Telegraph reported on a talk given by The Sense of Ending author Julian Barnes, where he equated the structure of a novel to America’s favorite desert armored mammal:

He compared a novel to an armadillo – an animal with an exoskeleton and an internal one. The exoskeleton, he explained, was the overall structure. In this case, he knew he wanted a short set-up and a long pay-off – about 30 pages to 90. But he found that as he wrote, the head got longer and the tail shorter – the ratio ended up being 50 pages to 100.

I’m working through 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand, and even though the game has a ridiculous plot centered around a stolen skull and Tony Yayo having to help 50 Cent climb over walls, it seems that the game’s plot is also vaguely armadillo-y. Just goes to show that even though the guts of the beast might be a bit different, the form of storytelling remains the same.

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-Drew Millard