Impressionism goes goth in the roguelike Children of Morta

Well, this is … unexpected. Just yesterday I wrote about the influx of absurdly, lushly animated dark-fantasy pixel-art games, and here comes Children of Morta, which is like the apotheosis of the form. Its two-minute trailer starts with something I’ve not really seen before: a landscape which seems to be finding the middle ground between impressionist Dutch painting and pixel art. And then it goes black-metal as shit: storm clouds roll in, cursing the scene, a man jogs through a bleary forest, a family idles grimly around a fireplace. The actual game looks as much Zelda dungeon-crawly as it does Hyper Light Drifter sumptious action-y, full of subterranean top-down fighting and puzzle-solving, intercut with scenes of domesticity. 

Not much more is known about the game now, but you can watch the trailer below, and wonder, with me, how this rush of good-looking games will actually play.