Look at my Nano suit! In which we move one step closer to Crysis-style nano suit for home, vacation

Aaaand we’re one step closer to nano suits that will allow all who have been playing Crysis to show off the rippling sinews that we’ve been hiding for so long. “Nanotechnology allows a novel route to materials and structures that can be used to develop human-friendly devices with realistic functions and abilities that would not be feasible by mere extension of conventional technology,” Kenji Hata, group leader of the Super Growth CNT Team, Nanotube Research Center at AIST in Tsukuba, Japan, told Nanowerk. Anyone who works on something called “Super Growth” has our attention.

Rather than having dedicated electronic devices like music players, sensors, remote controls, cell phones, computers etc, the functions of these devices will be embedded into items of our daily lives – clothing, protective garments, packaging, furniture; they could be attached to skin or even to organs. Expect to see health monitors printed on T-shirts; intelligent sensors on doctors’ surgical gloves; diagnostic devices embedded in your baby’s diapers; or human-machine interfaces on data gloves for industrial use as well as computer games.