"Indie Game: The Movie" to show at Sundance Film Festival.

To get a film into Sundance Film Festival is to represent some part of our Zeitgeist, manifested as a story, a form, an issue, or really anything that provides some insight on what people will be talking about this coming year, in film and beyond. 

This year’s Sundance will have people talking about another indie-minded world, that of gaming. Indie Game: The Movie is a moving documentary about the independent game designer as a new breed of tortured artist. The film will feature some of the indie world’s biggest names and projects, from Phil Fish’s Fez to Jonathan Blow and his life post-Braid.

But most importantly, the film sheds light on the reverent DIY attitude behind the games and projects we have come to love. And coolest for us here at Kill Screen is that our own Jamin Warren will be one of the voices featured within the documentary. 

Stay tuned as we cover the film after the festival’s forthcoming opening weekend.

– Lyndsey Edelman