Indie muse Daniel Johnston’s new iPad game/app/thing features Decemberists, Shins, Yo La Tengo.

Daniel Johnston, Texas indie muse and king of the hand-drawn album cover, has released a new iPad app called Space Ducks to coincide with the release of his new graphic novel. It is, of course, “intergalactic saga of epic proportions that will make you rethink life, death, existence, and your place in it,” a Wieden + Kennedy copywriter (the agency’s Entertainment arm produced the app) tells Fast Company. While the app isn’t breaking any boundaries in terms of gameplay, the paper cut-out style and musical additions make it an interesting experiment in publishing and the additional voices from fellow indie rockers Yo La Tengo and the Decemberists round out the experience.. Johnston’s book of the same name is available from BOOM! Town in April and the app is available here.

[via FastCoCreate]