Infinity of Flowers reveals the birth and death of flowers in real time

Group artists/technologists teamLab has created a new installation titled Infinity of Flowers. The new piece displays an arrangement of flowers from Tokyo, Japan, in an endless space.

The interactive art piece is not just a painting of beautiful flowers on a large canvas, however; instead, teamLab used a computer program to create the flowers within real time. You can watch the growth and death of flowers, from its first bloom to the point where it withers away until it all repeats again.

You can even watch them dance: One touch will cause the flowers to dance together, for your viewing pleasure.

Infinity of Flowers shows the circle of life through interactive nature, and that the beauty of such a cycle is that it always repeats, but never in the same way.

TeamLab’s exhibition will be available Sep 18-28 at Gucci Shinjuku in Tokyo, Japan.