This InnerSpace trailer is here to make sure you find tranquility today

Hey man, how’s your Wednesday going? Feeling good? Happy? At one with your inner soul and outer essence? Good, good. That’s good. Or, you know, maybe you’re not. Maybe you feel your center’s a bit shaky, and wish the ground seemed more stable—or at least more navigable. That’s totally chill too—absolutely no shame in that. They can’t all be good days, right. No matter how you’re feeling or where you are in life, we’re all just flying vessels trying to make it in this vast world of fragmented, drifting objects that are both repelled and attracted to one another.

do some pretty sweet tricks in a flying submarine 

There’s a peace that comes over you as you watch the counterintuitive logic of the world of flight exploration game Innerspace. The basic concept behind the game is an inverted physics system, a result of an essentially reversed earth. The world of Innerspace includes a core made out of air and air made of water. Gravity pulls outward, which allows you to do some pretty sweet tricks in a flying submarine. You are a cartographer, exploring different spherical islands with unique elemental phenomenons, collecting relics along the way in order to understand the many different cultures inhabiting each world.

The trailer (released alongside a video interview about the narrative experience of Innerspace) follows your journey through these divergent spheres. The music slowly swells with every twist and turn your vessel takes, scoring the rhythm of discovery. You dive and glide into each area seamlessly, and whether it’s water-based or ice-based place, no task is too great or any weather pattern too overpowering to match the swiftness of your craft. You soar along the surface, diving deeper into these uncharted bubbles by collecting relics that unlock their secrets. Document your physical discovery on a map, while making sense of the historical context through your own inward journey. Innerspace presents the whole package: with outward beauty inspiring quiet, inward reflection.

Innerspace is only scheduled for release sometime in late 2016. You can follow its Kickstarter for more updates.