Inside dares you to escape

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Inside (PC, Xbox One)

Playdead appears to have taken some lessons from Limbo and the many emulators that came after it. Focusing on atmosphere and a mounting sense of dread, Inside is a journey into the grayness of the human condition under surveillance. You are a boy, you are hunted, you are observed, you are sacrificed, again and again. While more mechanically forgiving than its predecessor, Inside is cruel to its players in a way few other games have ever dared to be. The abuse, however, is less about puzzles and more about the player’s mental state. You will find no spiders or spikes here. But you will feel the tension constricting your chest as you tiptoe past the world with bated breath—awaiting capture.

Perfect for: Limbo fans, Narrative puzzlers, George Orwell

Playtime: 4 hours