The distant future will be less dystopian if this is what hopscotch looks like

“Hopscotch for Geniuses” is an interactive installation for children developed by teamLab, a group made up of information specialists. It projects the classic game on the ground with interactive circles, triangles and squares.

When children land on the shapes, they create sounds and a colorful picture. Landing on the same shapes or colors in succession creates beautiful colors and sounds.

Interactive Hopscotch Court May Be The Playground Of The Future [Video]
Their entire bodies are used to play and more advanced children can change the space in an instant by finding connections between different shapes and colors, so the game also provides training for a child’s mind and body. You can check out ‘Hopscotch for Geniuses’ in the video below:


Images: teamLab, YouTube

This post was originally written by Emma Hutchings for PSFK.