This interactive music video is everything you love about Hotline Miami, sans the pig masks

Granted, there’s a lot to love about the pig masks. But Scarface-types in animal masks aside, the smooth, distinct vibe is realized in the music video/not-quite-a-game Honey by musical artist James Dean and video artist Vince Mckelvie. There are the rows of palm trees receding in the horizon; the thumping synthpop that beckons you to sit back and chillax; that impossible shade of pink that could only exist on computer monitors and in your memories of the ‘80s. All that glorious mimosa can be found in this playful music video. Mind-melts aside, we’re loving this trend of musical-mind-meets-digital-arts-mind, which we’ve seen a lot of recently, including the music video for Pale Machine, which is worth revisiting.

You can play Honey here.