Introducing Criminalympics, which is basically the Grand Theft Auto sports game

From the British indie Landslide, which includes developers who worked on the Grand Theft Auto series and Wipeout, comes Criminalympics, a crime-sports lark very much in the Rockstar vein. The game – which is looking for 100,000 pounds on Kickstarter – takes places in something called the “Staten Island ghetto prison camp” where convicted criminals compete to do crimes better and faster in front of a Running Man style television audience. This is funny because I think it is British people’s impression of Staten Island, which is actually not a ghetto prison camp but a conservative Republican prison camp, but never mind. 

Events include the Molotov Cocktail Throw, Swimming with Concrete Boots, Witness Removal, Prison Wall Vault and more. For those of us with a fond memory of Rockstar’s State of Emergency halcyon days (err, me), this game looks incredible. 

A video promo: