Introducing Drugbound, the game that advocates legalizing pot

Opinions in America about marijuana are changing. Voters in Colorado and Washington decriminalized possession of small amounts of the drug, and mainstream bloggers like Andrew Sullivan have adopted the end of “prohibition” a pet topic.

Into the mix comes Dave Homan, a 35-year-old Omaha IT specialist, and his new endless runner, Drugbound, the first video game to advocate for the legalization of cannabis:

Breaking the rules is always a thrill, so Drugbound embraces that feeling by providing an infinite sidescrolling runner experience through a nightmare devilscape of heavily-enforced government prohibition. 

In Homan’s game, which some clever people have already started to refer to as the Canabalt of Cannabis, references to our right to rip cheeb come fast and furious:

“Instead of coins that you gather, you gather pot leaves,” he says, “and during loading screens there are facts about marijuana prohibition.”

Despite the game’s theme, though, Homan says he is only an occasional smoker because of current laws. “Colorado is right next door,” he says. “That might be a place to commute to once or twice a year for vacation.”

Jokes, aside, Homan thinks his HTML5 game, which will be free to play in browser, can genuinely make a change. “People’s minds are changed all the time by the media they consume,” he says. “Games can be one of those mediums.”

And no, he does not advise playing it stoned.. “I think that would be fairly difficult,” Homan says. “I might need to address that with a chill mode. No monsters.”

Could there be a nascent drugs in games movement forming? We hope so!