Iranian computer game "Attack on Tel Aviv" announced as a response to Battlefield 3

A computer game planned to be developed by Iran’s National Foundation for Computer Games aims to demonstrate the objection of many Iranians to EA DICE’s Battlefield 3, released this past October. 

The game, entitled “Attack on Tel Aviv,” is a response to BF3’s plot, which involves a fictitious raid on Tehran by U.S. forces in the search for the leader of a fictional terrorist group, and scenes which include the invasion of Iran for the purpose of searching for missing nuclear warheads. 

Behruz Minaii, head of the NFCG, alleges, according to the Tehran Times, that several letters expressing objections have already been sent to Epic Games (we’re not sure if this is a mistake or a bad translation), but that they were ignored. He told the Persian service of Fars News Agency that he raised his concerns to Gears of War developer Epic Games, according to the Tehran times, during the 4th Dubai World Game Summit: 

“However, their reaction was that it is only a game and we should take it easy, but with the game set in Tehran, it is simply not acceptable.

The United States is governed by the Zionist Regime so ‘Attack on Tel Aviv’ would make Americans angrier than a game about an attack on Washington.”

The game is not in development yet, but Minaii promises that a group of developers have already assembled and are ready to begin creating it. 

Lana Polansky

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