This looks like Hyper Light Drifter but darker; here’s hoping it comes out

In the year 20XX, in a TIGSource devlog…

Irkalla. It’s a side-scrolling arcade shooter that has the pixel-y charm of Hyper Light Drifter (or your personal favorite upcoming GIF-machine), and all the bleak, gunmetal-grey mech-strewn wastelands you can ask for.

Yeah, the pored-over, long-gestating pixel art GIF-game is kind of a trend right now, but there’s pixel art and then there’s pixel art, y’know? And this two-man project looks to be the latter.

The devs even promise to keep their narrative ambitions in check and “just focus on a funny gameplay, heavy atmosphere and stylized pixel art.”

Two out of three so far. We jest, but obviously there’s nothing wrong with developers taking their time and making something personal and rad in the end. They have yet to venture into the cursed earth of Kickstarter, but if they go that route we may be talking Irkalla for real.

But, Irkalla, if you never make it…we’ll always have the GIFs.