Irrational team wanted to cut Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite

The most iconic and appealing character in the upcoming Bioshock Infinite almost never was. Ken Levine recounts the difficult development process with Eurogamer, with a few hilarious tidbits:

“A million times during the course of the game, because it was so hard to get right, there were people who said, ‘we really should cut Elizabeth.’ When we started working on it, we’d do level reviews and I’d say, ‘So where’s Liz right now?’ They’d say, ‘Well, she’s back in the closet over there,’ Nobody knew how to manager her.

Levine said he had to put his foot down and insist Elizabeth make it into the game. “Fortunately in both cases, or unfortunately for the people who were involved, I get to say, ‘No, we’re doing this.’

Well Ken, you haven’t steered us wrong yet. Let’s hope it pays off.