Is fighting in our DNA?

In a long NYT profile of the precipitous rise of UFC as a national pastime, Dana White, one of UFC’s owners had some choice words on what makes the bloodsport so popular:

Unlike a double-play ball or a pass-interference penalty, a fist to the face requires no further explanation for a foreign audience, and that leads to the other article of faith in the U.F.C. creed: “Fighting is in our DNA,” White said of the human species, repeating what for him is almost a ritual incantation. “We get it, and we like it. It doesn’t have to be explained to us.

“This is what I believe to be true though I can’t prove it. Before any guy ever threw a ball through a circle or hit a ball with a stick, someone hit somebody else with a punch and whoever was standing around ran over to watch it.

I believe fighting was the first sport on earth, and it’ll be the last sport on earth. It works everywhere, and we’re going to take it everywhere.”

He should go to EVO.

-Jamin Warren