Is the Kinect 2 powerful enough to read lips?

Remember that scene in 2001 where Dave and Frank discuss disconnecting HAL, but don’t realize that HAL can read lips? Well, we’re one step closer to that dystopian future: Eurogamer reports that a source has disclosed that the Kinect 2 will be sensitive enough to read lips.

Kinect 2 will come bundled with future Xbox consoles, we understand.

The intention is that Kinect 2 will offer improved motion sensing and voice recognition.

One development source told Eurogamer that Kinect 2 will be so powerful it will enable games to lip read, detect when players are angry, and determine in which direction they are facing.

Kinect 2 can track the pitch and volume of player voices and facial characteristics to measure different emotional states.

No word on whether the Kinect 2 will have an overwhelming urge to wipe out humanity, but after watching the seventh consecutive failed attempt at “California Gurls” in Just Dance 3, I wouldn’t blame it.


Filipe Salgado