Is this the Mercury Prize of games? Introducing GameCity Prize

GameCity, a prominent UK videogame festival, recently unveiled the GameCity Prize, a new type of videogame award meant to honor a game that most significantly pushes the artistic limits for what they call “one of the most significant cultural forms of our age.”

The winner will be judged by a panel consisting of artists and other prominent public figures, including the Artistic Director of the Southbank Centre, a member of Parliament, one of the actors on Doctor Who, and the drummer from Blur.

The finalists are:

  • Minecraft
  • ilomilo
  • Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP
  • Pokémon Black
  • Portal 2
  • Child of Eden
  • Limbo

As advocates of thinking about games in a different, more artistic light, we couldn’t be more excited.

-Drew Millard