Israeli advocacy group in West Bank makes religious/nationalistic video games for kids.

Residents’ Councils of Samaria and Binyamin, an advocacy group for religious settlers, recently commissioned a series of religious- and nationalistic-themed videogames. Israeli youth are the target audience and the group told Fast Company that they want “to reach the heart of the younger generation around the world, plug them into Heritage and to bring them the country past and present – in creative ways.”

In the first game, Judah Maccabee, players are cast in the role of a Maccabee who sneaks into a Greek camp to obtain the “sword of Apollonius.” Another game, Ahab in Samaria, lets players slay invading soldiers attacking the biblical Kingdom of Israel. The third game currently available, Ammunition Hill, casts the player as an Israeli soldier invading East Jerusalem in one of the bloodiest battles of the Six-Day War. A fourth game that is still being developed allows players to play a scout on a hang glider who guides the ancient Israelites to the Promised Land. Whether hang gliders actually existed in the early Biblical era is, of course, open to debate.