It took awhile, but there’s suddenly a lot to do in GTA Online

That is besides chilling in the hot tub with your homies. Rockstar has released their first batch of officially verified “Jobs,” which relied on the community to draw up shoot-outs and coordinate races. Eventually, you’ll be able to organize heists … eventually.

This is an interesting hands-off approach to online play—giving the players the key to the city and let them create what they may. You could potentially spin this as indolence on the part of the GTA makers, but the truth is the majority of players are going to ignore the objectives and futz around. Why not let them build what they want to do? 

Of course the problem with this apporach is there for awhile there was nothing to do aside from watch tumbleweeds roll. Wait, I’m thinking of Red Dead. Still, the point stands. But players are notorious for getting up to all kinds of goofball hijinks in the city, and chances are whatever they dream up will best whatever the designers at Rockstar can come up with anyway. At least that’s my experience with the game. So check out the list and hop online to play.