It was only a matter of time before the Oculus Rift got porn

Well it’s happening. Before the Oculus Rift even left development, a startup is exploring all the advantages of the device’s VR abilities. Specifically, its capability for adult entertainment. 

At Sinful Robot, we are currently developing the world’s first series of fully-immersive erotic encounters. Combined with the Oculus Rift® headset, we locate you in the center of the action, the ecstatic epicenter of play.

They are looking for new hires:

If you know anyone who loves working on cutting edge technology and isn’t afraid of working with spicy content, please do send them to

It looks like the site is only furnishing virtual females, but hopefully it will be all-inclusive. I imagine straight men are probably the most excited about Sinful Robot (Jesus, that name?), so maybe this is just for the first round of buzz. 

– – –

But if you had any doubts about the Oculus Rift, this new development may be a sign of hope. In 2009, Chris Matyszczyk wrote about the technological influence of adult entertainment. He quotes Peter Johnson who opined on the subject:

“The victory of VHS over Betamax, and the triumph of video rental and purchase over time-shifting, is a rare example of pornography specifically adopting a product and a method of retailing that drove its competitor from the market.”

And please enjoy this hearty rendition of Johnson’s: “When new media offer new markets, porn spies them quickly and rushes to fill them, like an amoeba extruding a new pseudopod where its skin is thinnest.”

Sinful Robot may be a sign that the Oculus Rift will be the way to go. Matyszczyk ends his article with this:

Personally, I prefer Hollywood’s notion that America is driven by violence rather than sex and that therefore it is military exigencies that drive technological invention rather physical urges.

However, if it is really true that pornography pushes technology, what invention will it give rise to next? Porn beamed to the inside of your sunglasses, perhaps?

Well Matyszczyk, what do you think now?