It’s possible to make money from writing about videogames!?

Videogame journalism is tough to break into. Often other writers don’t want you to know about their favorite places to get published, or they simply assume you already know about them. There’s no point where your future income is set, and there are all kinds of weird tax laws when it comes to contracting out work. 

Nathan Meunier, author of Shop Talk, has started a Kickstarter to publish his book Up Up Down Down Left WRITE – The Freelance Guide To Video Game Journalism. Meunier’s decade of experience in writing professionally in places like PC Gamer and IGN gives him expertise in all the strange customs of videogame journalism, like editorial calendars and review copies. If you like his blog, the book will be even better.

Now, for your enjoyment, the Kickstarter video, complete with cats and computer-generated voices.