Japanese fashion house Kenzo showcases new line with interactive gallery

This one’s a bit strange. To draw attention to their online shopping site for their pre-autumn 2014 collection, Kenzo fabricated a fake exhibition which features art that’s been pilfered by an unknown thief the night before it opens. In this alternative universe, the exhibition still goes live to the public, but instead of showing the actual artists work, ever piece has been replaced with film footage of the thieves themselves. In this case, it’s Sudanese-American model Grace Bol and her conniving accomplices.

By visiting the site, you are asked to use your smart phone and mouse and can direct yourself throughout the gallery. It seems exactly the sort of exhibition that would be perfect for virtual reality and no doubt, Kenzo’s interactive attempt points to a future where you browse future collections by stepping into an actual 3D show room. This is basically a version of Gone Home with models instead of cassette tapes.

The project was directed by Partel Oliva and the web work was Kim Boutin and David Broner. You can check it out here.