Jason Rohrer thinks Passage 2 could make a lot of money

Jason Johnson briefly interviewed legendary indie developer Jason Rohrer over at Paste. They covered the Diamond Trust of London debacle, how Rohrer lives off of $14,000 a year, and how he considered making a devilish version of Passage 2 to profit off of.

Passage 2 would make a lot of money. That’s been a cynical back-burner joke of an idea of mine. It would be a valid artistic statement because it would be making fun of sequelitus in the games industry. Right? So, Passage 2… [Laughs a little to long.] It would be forty dollars. It would be fifty dollars! And it would be forty hours long. But it would just be forty hours of Passage. It would make money. But it would be a cynical move.

When asked if he wanted to do something similar to Passage, Rohrer said he’s been there, done that and is really interested in board games now.