What is Jason Rohrer, Scarface?

It’s been pretty widely covered that, between now and the 27th, Jason Rohrer is giving away free money, $3000 to be exact, to players of The Castle Doctrine, his MMO about stealing from others while protecting your own home from burglary. This is a lot of money for Rohrer, who once practiced simple living and grew his own food.

But he is also giving away a club for clubbing vicious dogs, which he acquired while living in a bad neighborhood in New Mexico, because the pay for creating critically lauded games like Passage isn’t great, apparently. Defenders of bad dogs everywhere can rest a little at ease, as Rohrer promises that the club “was never actually used to club a dog.” Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, you must be over 18 to win it, and the club cannot be shipped to California, New York, Massachusetts, or DC, because it’s illegal.

Things get weirder from there. Second through fifth place winners will receive a Door Devil, the security device that reinforces your doors so bad guys can’t kick through them with ease, as Rohrer’s 85-year-old neighbor’s was, he claims. Sixth through eighth place prizes are a $50 dollar gift certificate to Custom Cartridge Company in Las Cruces, New Mexico, which specializes in guns, ammo, and gunsmithing. They don’t do online shopping, but there is a $10 coupon on their website.

While this is most definitely a publicity stunt, and a publicity stunt that involves cruel weapons against cruel dogs, it’s a Jason Rohrer publicity stunt, the guy who last year fabricated a titanium boardgame and buried it in the desert for aliens to one day find and play. We’ll give him the benefit of the doubt on this one.