James Bond gets anthologized in a new best-of collection.


To coincide with the release of the teaser trailer for 007: Skyfall, Sam Mednes’ turn at helm of the James Bond machine, Activision released a trailer for the Bond game it will release this fall to accompany the film. 007 Legends  doesn’t actually have anything to do with Skyfall but is instead a compendium of extravagant action scenes pulled from older Bond films, including Moonraker. 

The game is developed by Eurocom, the company behind last year’s 007 Goldeneye remake for the Wii. The trailer is a violent salad of dramatically lit bullet flare, explosions, space shuttle launches, and the pure sadism of shoving a live electrical wire into the mouth of a man with metal teeth.

Even though the game and movie have no explicit connection it’s hard not see hear the echo from one to the other. “Some men are coming to kill us,” Daniel Craig says in the Skyfall trailer. “We’re going to kill them first.” He may as well be talking to anyone with a controller in their hand. You point the way, Mr. Bond, and we will point the gun.

[via Kotaku]