Say hello to Jenny LeClue, a crowdsourced "choose-our-own-adventure" game

Florida based indie company Mografi is offering a new spin on the old choose your own adventure genre in their game Jenny LeClue: Detectivú

The story features a young and curious Jenny LeClue, hoping to solve a murder crime that’s rocked the otherwise sleepy town of Arthurton. After her mother is accused of committing a murder, Jenny uses her deductive skills to uncover the truth of the crime, and the secrets hidden in Arthurtown.

The episodic trilogy will allow players to become narrators in their own story, as they help uncover the perpetrator to a horrifying murder mystery. This choose your own adventure game is more than a solo adventure, however, as the choices of everyone playing the game will help shape each episode to come. As the designer puts it, “This is choosiness on a massive scale. You choose, together.”

But this mystery is more than just solving puzzles and making options. As Jenny discovers secrets of her home town, she simultaneously learns about her own identity, as well as her family. As the story evolves, so does little Jenny LeClue, and her understanding of the world around her.

You can see more about Jenny LeClue:Detectivú here.