Exclusive trailer for Lumino City shows surplus of papercraft, charm

Lumino City is not just another gorgeous game that uses craft materials like textured paper and clock parts to build its world from. It is the mecca of such games. This very delightful point-and-click adventure is filmed on a fully motorized, 10-foot tall cardboard set at State of Play’s studio in London. You can witness this giant construction in the game’s new trailer, which brings back that first trip to Disney World kind of whimsy. 

The devs, Luke Whittaker and Katherine Bidwell, are no strangers to working with materials from the craft aisle to build their games, as we’ve seen with their past projects Kami and the IGF finalist Lume. But this time they’ve taken their modeling obsession to the maximum, with 3 years worth of work handcrafting little apartments, turning waterwheels, and gazebos.

Be sure to revisit our feature on it from a few weeks ago after having your pants charmed off by the trailer below.