Just how big is that 1:1500 scale Minecraft recreation of Earth’s continents?

By now you’ve probably heard of one incredibly dedicated Minecraft builder’s quest to recreate the world’s continents at .06% of their actual size. So just how big is that. Permit us some back-of-the-internet-enveleop math, please.

The size of all of the Earth’s continents is 57,393,000 square miles. 1/1500 of that figure is 38,262 square miles of video game space. That’s about the size of real-life Iceland.

To give you a sense of how much digital terrain that is, keep in mind that Rockstar estimates that the new Grand Theft Auto game, bigger than Red Dead RedemptionSan Andreas, and GTA IV put together, will be around 50 square miles.

So the Minecraft “miniature” of the real world will be about 762 times larger than Grand Theft Auto 5. Admittedly, there won’t be as many crimes to commit.