Kentucky Route Zero dev says moral choices in games are pretty worthless

Moral choices in games come in one of two or three colors. You can go with killing the zombie-infected kid, or you let him live. Speaking with GameChurch, who continues to consistently pump out thoughtful, provocative interviews, the devs of Kentucky Route Zero called into question the ridiculous, binary moral choices found in games like those by Telltale. Here’s what Jake Elliot and Tamas Kemenczy had to say:

Jake: There are games that are about these monumental moral choices that are these kind of really inductive and very simplified moral philosophy games but they don’t really go anywhere interesting with it. They just let you save a puppy or kill the puppy. You know, moral choices (laughs).

Tomas: A lot of games are struggling to understand goodness or mortality. Those are pretty spiritual subjects.

In other words, it’s one Isaac and Abraham moment after another, lacking the nuance of morality that we face, like, 99.99 percent of the time. The whole interview is a good read, so I totally recommend you check it out.