Kick back and watch Mario take a trip into hallucinogenic hell

“I can’t make him look normal guys, something tells me it’s gonna get worse,” Vinesauce intones at the start of this corrupted Mario 64 video, and in this prediction he is correct. This thing belongs in the glitch hall of fame. Mario’s big beautiful face, at the outset, appears to have been frozen just moments after eating a hand grenade; as the game begins, we settle onto a letter from a green-skinned Princess Peach. 

The audio-visual nightmare continues through the floor-boards of the castle, into great caverns of intersecting color, down a hallway composed of Mario’s mustache repeated ad infinitum. Mario himself loses limbs, flips sidewise, adopts glowing immortal eyes and occasionally bursts open with beams of color. It’s made via a speical corrupter (available for public use!) that works like a bizarro Game Genie, pitting the game’s code against itself. “This is what a clown’s septic tank looks like after years of partying way too hard,” Vinesauce says at one point, and yeah: something like that.