KICKSTARTER OF THE DAY: Jason Rohrer’s Diamond Trust of London is here!

Jason Rohrer is ready to take on the Nintendo DS with his new game Diamond Trust of London. A Kickstarter page is devoted to the project and will help out manufacturing costs. The game involves outfoxing and bribery,

Diamond Trust is a two-player, turn-based, simultaneous-decision strategy game about diamond traders operating in Angola in the year 2000.  Over the course of eight in-game months, diamonds accumulate in various regions to be taken by the highest bidder, and whoever brings the most diamonds back from Angola wins. Outfoxing your opponent is your main tactic, but bribing and spying mechanics complicate things.  When agent loyalty waivers, your hidden information can be revealed to your opponent without you knowing that it has been revealed.  On the other hand, you might know that one of your agents has been bribed by your opponent, but does your opponent know that you know?

Tom Bailey’s interactive and generative musical score for the game makes the outfoxing and bribery of Diamond Trust even more appealing. A few samples are on the Kickstarter page. If you order the game now there are even some surprise perks,

The first run of Diamond Trust will be a limited edition with 1000 units, signed and numbered, with very special items included inside the package. I’ve decided to keep the nature of these special inclusions secret as a surprise, since every package will have a unique collection of special items in it.

For more on the game, and to support it click here.