Kickstarter of the Day: "Help!" could give you an extra life.

Joseph Reilly says “Help!” could save our lives. Or give us clout in a legal battle. The app, designed for Android and iPhone, supposedly begins recording as soon as you tap the icon, sends it to a secure server, and transmits the data to people of your choosing. This could have a number of applications, ranging from alibi to rescue. That is, if you happen to see an imminent kidnapping or hate crime coming and unlock your phone and tap the icon. Which is difficult to do when you’re getting chloroformed/maced/knocked unconscious. It’s easier to pause and interface in games and tech than it is in real life.

That said, “Help!” needs support, and in theory it seems like it could do some good. I’d worry that I might accidentally tap the app on the go. Check it out on the Kickstarter.

-Josiah Harrist

[via Kickstarter]