Kickstarter of the Day: Participate in a Victorian seance in "Dust & Shadows".

Set against the backdrop of a Victorian seance, “Dust & Shadows” is a strange blend of theater and gaming.

Dust & Shadows is part of the Unorthodox Arts foundation’s current initiative, ‘Project Gamestage,’ which seeks to take theater off the stage and video games from behind a screen.  The shows that are performed within Project Gamestage contain not only multi-track plots, but also a heavy element of puzzle solving and investigation.  The audience members become the ‘gamers’ in a world in which they suddenly found themselves.  But unlike digital games, they do not interact through a set of predefined options; reactions to this world are only as limited as one’s imagination.  

The performance will take place in Boston this March. You can help fund the production here.

-Josiah Harrist

[via Kickstarter]