Wooden blocks for kids to build their imaginations

A California teacher is creating a new line of kid’s blocks on Kickstarter. Check ‘em out.

I will create an original line of children’s building blocks made from salvaged wood. My goal is to educate children about where the wood came from and where it was going (i.e. the landfill) if I had not reclaimed it. I will create and include a mini-book with every set of blocks that explains the problem of useful waste in our landfills. I aim to nurture children’s creativity and imagination, fighting back against this age of electronic toys and a general “disconnect” with the physical world. These blocks are designed to inspire creative, free, and abstract form building. By playing with Creative City blocks, children will ideally cultivate new and innovative ways of thinking, which they will need one day to deal with the complex problems passed on to them by previous generations.????

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