Kicktraq is the best way to follow Kickstarter campaigns

We know, we know, we tell you about a lot of Kickstarter projects. They can be hard to keep track of, particularly lower profile campaigns. It can also be hard to discern how feasible a project’s funding goal is. Kicktraq changes that. This website presents, in easy-to-decipher graphs and statistics, a wealth of analytics for Kickstarter projects.

Take Neocolonialism, a project we wrote about last week. In addition to showing number of pledges and amount pledged per day, Kicktraq generates a graph, based on donation trends, which shows a range of possible outcomes. The “projection cone” for Neocolonialism (which has a funding target of $10,000) goes from a low of approximately $12,000 to a high of approximately $23,000; the project seems likely to meet its goal.

The site also curates projects that are about to end, as well as projects that are very close to meeting funding goals, so that horror storeis like Alpha Colony, the game that missed its goal by $28, never happen again.