Announcing a free monthly public arcade at the Ace Hotel

On March 31, Kill Screen is entering the meatspace. Presenting “Playlist,” a new monthly, curated public arcade at the Ace Hotel Lobby Bar, where Kill Screen will have weird and wonderful new interactive experiences on display. Hosted in the lobby of the Ace, a space the Observer‘s Felix Gillette called a much “welcomed antidote to the sleek modernity and antiseptic coolness” of other corporate “boutique” hotels, the free, two-hour event will offer an opportunity to explore the cutting edge of digital play. We’ll have a bunch of devices setup on the lobby’s grand center table and hosts to explain a selection of our favorite new games. 

The event will also feature music from GODMODE, the local independent music label run by Nick Sylvester and Talya Elitzer, which recently released the compilation album “COMMON INTERESTS WERE NOT ENOUGH TO KEEP US TOGETHER.” The first public arcade begins at 6PM on Tuesday, March 31st. Come join us for drinks, music and some after-work playtime!

More details about the event can be found over at Ace’s site.