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Kill Screen now has a mixtape of our favorite music on Spotify

Spotify recently introduced another category to help people sift through its gargantuan catalog of music. That category was “Gaming.” You’ll find a bunch of game soundtracks and playlists that have been curated with a view to provide an alternate soundtrack to whatever game you’re playing.

With this effort from Spotify to lay a bridge across mediums came an opportunity for us, as people into both videogames and music, to do the same. That is why Kill Screen now has its own Guest List over on Spotify that you can follow. Simply put, it’s a mixtape of music we like, and we’ll be looking to update it fairly regularly (once a fortnight, perhaps).

weave some new memories into these beats

This first round of music that we’ve chosen comes from the mind of three of our most tasteful writers. First up is Clayton Purdom, who leads the charge with some of his favorite rap and hip-hop, then there’s Caty McCarthy with a stream of bubbly J-pop and cute, uplifting sing-songs, and finally Dan Solberg finishes off the mix with a resonant puddle of deep electronica.

We, of course, reckon you could listen to our mix while playing some videogames. But, we also recommend plugging it into your head as you stroll across the asphalt, or, equally, while laying back on your bed with nothing else to do. Experiment—take this playlist to unexpected places, weave some new memories into these beats, we’ll appreciate it.