Kill Screen vs. Scandinavia: The Official Party Photos

About a month ago, we threw a big ole party with the Copenhagen Game Collective in San Francisco in furniture warehouse in the Mission. The results, as you can see, were pretty amazing.  

We showed games from only Scandinavian game designers and had a lovely DJ  set from Victoria Bergsman, formerly of the Concretes and now of her own project, Taken by Trees.

Full list: PlaydeadCopenhagen Game Collective , Die Gute FabrikErik SvedängNicklas “Nifflas” NygrenSteffi DegiorgioMartin “Grapefrukt” JonassonPetri Purho, and Jonatan “Cactus” Söderström.

Thanks to Pabst Blue Ribbon for donating the beer, Babycastles for commissioning Mark Stillwell to design the suits, AIAIAI for donating headphones, the game designers for donating games and showing off their work, the volunteers that worked the door, and everyone who came!

See the entire set here. All photos by Elliot Trinidad.