Kill Screen’s 6/26 Playlist: XCOM on iOS, the arrows of Towerfall, and the manic Soundodger


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By Studio Bean

For browsers

February 3, 1959: The day the music died. Now the music is getting its revenge. Soundodger is Asteroids if you played as a single space-rock and dozens of ships shot music notes in rhythm. Otherworldly tracks by Disasterpeace and Bill Kiley, among others, supply the ammo. A brilliant, beautiful jam come to life.

Perfect for Trackpad DJs, GarageBand inspiration, waiting for the headliner.

Play Time: As long as a song (2-4 minutes)

XCOM Enemy Unknown

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By Fireaxis Games

On iOS

XCOM Enemy Unknown is way more intense than a game of strategy has any right to be.  Sure, you’re saving the Earth from an invasion of the body snatchers, but victory is reached from a lofty position, like swatting a cockroach with a flip-flop. Yet these grids of darkened alleys and downed UFOs have us on edge.

Perfect for business class, the thoughtful dude-bro, alien autopsies

Play Time: 20 hours


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By Matt Thorson


Super Smash Bros. was spectacular. Never had we hated Link more. And we’ve had a grudge against Samus ever since. TowerFall, its indie counterpart, ain’t bad itself, destined to rekindle that ol’ dorm room animosity as you go medieval on your closest enemies asses. This is for eating my takeout!

Perfect for 8-bit archers, roommate rivalries, taking things too far

Play Time: Now and forever (aka 30 seconds a round)