Playlist 7/3: LIMBO’s haunting iOS debut, the Layton Brothers puzzle, and Hotline Miami murders your hands


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By Playdead

For iOS

Who says style over substance is a bad thing? Take LIMBO, the trial-and-error platformer known for its many glorious deaths. The creepy teddy bear mood—accentuated by rather dark portrayals of construction zone accidents and pratfalls onto buzz saws—is what you’re here for. Pushing crates, a distant third. But unlucky for your kid avatar, the balance is perfect.

Perfect for deranged little sisters. (Not perfect for: those who were once terrified to be alone in a room with Teddy Ruxpin, spider-phobes)

Play Time: 4 hours

Layton Brothers Mystery Room

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By Matrix Software

On iOS

The Professor Layton series is a cartoony adventure game about solving puzzles with an English gent. Layton Brothers, its prequel, is a cartoony adventure game about solving murderswith his younger self. This is just like that time we found out our dads had wild mezcal-fueled younger days in the streets of Mexico City!

Perfect for savage detectives, cool jazz, the inevitable sequel Layton: The Man with the Golden Arm.

Play Time: a few hours per DLC pack

Hotline Miami

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By Developer Digital

On PS3, PS Vita

Hotline Miami was always meant to be held on the subway, while the crush of humanity squeezes your last nerve, pushing you to inevitable madness. When you’ve reached your breaking point and question the pulsing veins in a commuter’s neck, look down at your Vita. And pull the trigger.

Perfect for confused catharsis, Scarface sequel screenwriters, Don Johnson.

Play Time: 5 hours

Photo via Tatton Partington