Kill Screen’s official favorite presidents

We here at Kill Screen have the highest respect for the highest office in the land. So we thought in honor of President’s Day we’d merge our twin enthusiasms for games and executive orders. 

– – –

Perhaps Hilary has a chance in 2016 after all? She might if she follows in the footsteps of this female Commander-in-Chief… although a giant mech may not be a significant part of Ms. Clinton’s platform. The protagonist of Goichi Suda’s Liberation Maiden, from the Guild 01 collection for 3DS, Shoko Ozora is truly a president for a new era. One hundred years fron now, she’ll take over New Japan’s leadership role from her father after his assassination. So what if she’s in high school? Much of her rule consists of flying over the country in a battle craft named Kamui while shooting down invading rebels. Beats reforming health care.


Has there ever been a better model for Commander in Chief in a videogame than Purple Tentacle from Tim Schafer’s Day of the Tentacle? Authoritative, resolute, and with a vision, Purple Tentacle’s tenure in the Oval Office placed an emphasis on foreign policy — granted, namely on conquering the world, but, hey, you can’t call him an isolationist. Also, his misanthropic run was inspired by guzzling nuclear waste, a fact that would surely ignite the Republican base. 


My favorite president (fictional or otherwise) of all time has to be Laura Roslin (of course!), of BattleStar Galactica. This totally counts for gaming as well, because clearly, BSG had a video game. I may be stretching the rules a tiny bit, but after all, what are presidents good for if not a little rule bending and political manuevering? And Roslin was so, so good at that, on top of being steely and principled, even in the face of cancer, the end of the human race, and the stoic, stubborn-as-hell Adama.


I think we’re done here. -Jamin