Kill Screen’s suggestions for making it through Yom Kippur

1. You’re fasting, so stay away from cooking games.

2. You’re repenting, so stay away from games that reward you or make you feel good. Anything with bright colors, bloopy sound effects, or loot. Dark Souls would be a good choice for today.

3. For being the bummer-bro of Jewish holidays, Yom Kippur is surprisingly musical. Kol Nidre is long, gorgeous, and tender. Someone blows the shofar a lot. Anwyays, stay with that vibe by playing some Rock Band, but you know, respectful stuff.

4. If you are stuck in temple, attempt to gamify the hours of repetence. The easiest way is this: think of as many bad things you did in the past year as you can in ten minutes, then try to beat that record in the next ten, and so on.

5. One last trick that always works for me at any Jewish service. Imagine the clergy, in their robes and sometimes bearded, as wizards or Jedi. This will lend extra significance to their every motion and intonation and it has never failed to compel attention.