Get eight issues of Kill Screen and two great games for a steal

Here’s some news that will warm your heart more than Valentine’s Day: Kill Screen’s eight print issues are, at long last and for the first time ever, all available as ebooks. If that wasn’t enough, they’re being offered in a StoryBundle on a pay what you want basis. For as little as $5, you can get $50 worth of Kill Screen magazine issues. 

But here’s a reason you might want to pay at least $15: Doing so adds two games—Mount and Blade and Glorkian Warrior—to your StoryBundle. Both of these games, in addition to being near and dear of our hearts, have a connection to the magazine. Mount and Blade was covered in the Intimacy issue and James Kochalka, who made Glorkian Warrior, contributed artwork to the magazine’s Back to School issue. 

This Kill Screen package is available on StoryBundle is available for the next three weeks.