Last Life will be a Kentucky Route Zero-style adventure game, says dev. We say: hooray!

Remember Last Life? Of course, you do. Who could forget that smoking-hot noir/sci-fi adventure game with an art style like Grim Fandango and a twisty transhumanist subplot. 

Well, we know a good bit more about the details now that it’s, like, 30 minutes from being officially funded, raking in over 100 grand on Kickstarter. And you can breath easy if the terse, difficult puzzles traditionally found with adventure games give you migraines. 

“I was really inspired by Kentucky Route Zero,” Sam Farmer tells PC Gamer, going on to say how the game is all about exploring the story and characters. KRZ was one of our favorite games of last year in part because it showed how the adventure game formula can be breath new life into game narratives, and vice versa—something we already got a whiff of with The Walking Dead.