Latest GIFs from the adorable Rain World confirm there will be "death rain"

Oh Rain World. I’ve seen so many alluring gifs come out of your development process, I probably won’t even know what to do with you once you become an actual playable gif—er, I mean, a bona fide videogame. Most likely, out of habit, I’ll just watch and wait for you to loop back to the start.

The creators have been making it rain gifs ever since the platformer was successfully Kickstarted all the way back in January 2014. A year and a half later, and the rain—one of the major elemental motifs in the world—is finally ready to be implemented. And it looks pretty damn good, while boasting dynamic a dynamic cycle system.

As the nimble creature known only as slugcat, you must not only survive the apocalyptic creatures of this dog-eat-dog world, but also these apparent ‘death rains.’ The update doesn’t necessarily clarify where these death rains come from, but from the looks of the gifs (I mean, just look at ’em), the downpour becomes so dense that it engulfs the world in a torrential deluge. The update says that, while an adorable slugcat who “knows the terrain could survive crucial extra seconds, […] eventually the death rain consumes all.”

But a ray of hope shines through this bleak environment. The developers have named it ‘deep sunlight.’ Like the upper parts of the deep sea, a few rays still manage to peak through the Shadow Urban.The video released alongside the gifs shows off the feature much more, as the moment of brightness follows a particularly hairy bit of platforming. The newest weapon takes the cake, though: ‘flare fruit plants,’ which temporarily illuminate your dingy surroundings in an electric glow.

Despite implementation of its titular symbol, the premise of Rain World remains vague to the public. All I know is that the end of the video made me scream “RUN, SLUGCAT! RUN AS FAST AS YOUR SLITHERY, FURRY SLUG BODY WILL TAKE YOU!” Which, I can assure you, are words I never thought I’d have the occasion to cry out.

You can catch more gifs from the update here. Be sure to keep an eye on the game’s Steam page for updates on a release date.