Welcome to the redesigned Kill Screen Daily

So when Chris Dahlen and I started Kill Screen as a magazine a couple years back, we’d often get the question: “What about a website?”

It was a good question. Magazines are great and all but given the obvious pervasiveness of the web, the attendant limitations of print, and the overall direction of editorial businesses, a lack of a strong website for Kill Screen seemed like a clear shortcoming.

I can extol to you the values of producing a magazine, but the reality is that I respected the web too much. There was simply too much amazing writing on the web and I felt like if we were going to begin to head down that road, I wanted to do it with all the gravitas, charm, and consistency that we had established with the magazine.

Today is that day.

With new editorial leadership under recent hire Clayton Purdom, a healthy news voice from Jason Johnson, and the vibrant tone of our incredible cast of writers, we finally have a site that feels deserving of the web. Design chops from House of 207 and back-end work from the inimitable Tom Clancy make this site sing.

A couple things worth noting (or rather, that I’m excited about):

  • A redesigned homepage highlighting the best Kill Screen has to offer each day.

  • A responsive site that adapts to your reading habits, whether on tablet, mobile, or browser.

  • The most common question we get is “What should I play?” We often take information for granted, that the best games will suddenly emerge from the mist at our beckoning. Well, ask no more. Our new Playlist section takes the authoritative tone of our weekly email and makes it a reader-friendly tool to find the best games.

  • Our new feature templates allow long stories to breathe. Take your time!

This is all an amazing base to build from and we’ll keep making tweaks over the coming weeks. Of course, if you find something wrong, give us a shout on Twitter or at info@killscreendaily.com. We can’t thank you all enough for growing with us and we look forward to developing the site over the coming months!